Port Arthur and Surrounding Areas

The far northeastern reach of Texas' Gulf Coast, where the Lone Star State and the Pelican State shake hands across the mouth of the Sabine River, is known as the Golden Triangle.

Maybe that should be called the Black Gold Triangle: The region's oil-based economy got its kick-start in 1901 with the dramatic discovery of oil in a Beaumont salt dome known as Spindletop Hill.

The three points of that triangle, Beaumont, Port Arthur and Orange, share a rich mix of cultures: principally Texan, of course, and Cajun-Creole. The Cajun pops up in names such as Broussard, Judice and Chenier. And the food: boudin and andouille sausage, crawfish étouffée, gumbo, red beans and rice. Yum!

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